Bad Client List


TORONTO, Nov,22, 2004

We are sorry to report that Christopher David Dorsey is on the prowl again in the (mostly downtown area of Toronto.) Again he has viciously beaten and raped another sex pro. Info we have on Dorsey is that he is a crack addict and frequents downtown shelters /soup kitchens, etc. However, he is cunning and when has access to third party info, (address, phone, credit card #, etc.) does not hesitate to use it. His photo is a little further down on this page.

TORONTO, June 10 to 18 / 04 {No, this is not a typo.}

NAME: Manuel RACE: Portugease
AGE: 58
HEIGHT: 6' 3" WEIGHT: 210-220
DISTINGUSHING FEATURES: "Old ugly jail tattoos on his right arm ( may say Manuel )."
LOCATION: Leafs Bar at Dufferin and Brock streets
WHAT HAPPENED: He locked her in a rented room under the bar. She was repeatedly raped, sodomized and physically abused during that time.

TORONTO, Wed, June 9/04

ALERT! ALL SEX PRO's Toronto police released info about a particularly dangerous client today. So far, the assaults have happened in the downtown area. He calls and books but uses a third party or a third party's info to get the sex pro to come to the location where he forcibly confines them for hours. He is violent and forces women to perform various sexual acts against their will. Each of his victims managed to escape when the suspect was distracted. (This suggests to SPOC that he may be on drugs, perhaps crack.)
He has assaulted at least 3 sex pro's and one woman not in this business. Has been previously arrested.
NAME: Christopher David Dorsey
DESCRIPTION: 47 years old, 5'7', 167 lbs. with short black hair. May or may not have a short beard.
RACE: Black
TATTOO: Although this is not mentioned in the press release, we have learned that he has a tattoo of a boxer's glove on his arm. We don't know where on his arm or which arm it's on.
There is a province-wide warrant for his arrest for the following:
Sexual Assault x2, Forcible Confinement, Assault, Threaten Death, Threaten Bodily Harm, and Fail to Comply Recognisance.
Anyone with info about Dorsey can call SPOC at 416-364-5603 or Detective Glenn Gray, 55 Division, at 416-808-5504.
You do not have to give any info about yourself to SPOC, if you prefer not to.


Toronto, the week of the 21st of June 2004
An escort was forcibly held against her will and raped by two clients.
Hotel security diffused the situation.
DESCRIPTION: Two Black males, one dark complextion, the other lighter complextion.
One is from Bermuda.
Clients were doing cocaine.
SPOC has more info on this however escort has requested that we do not publish it at this time.

TORONTO, Mon, Feb 9/2004 Street Date.

Client took sex pro into an alley. They were there for about 30 seconds when client began hitting sex pro in the head. She screamed and ran out to the street. He followed her and looked a litttle menacing until he noticed a spoc member standing about 3 meters away with her large German Shepherd Dog. (spoc member, who is also a sex pro, walks her dog in the area frequently). Spoc member told him,"Do not hit her". He mumbled something and immediately got into his vehicle and drove off. Sex pro is ok.
DESCRIPTION: About 5,10", medium build, clean shaven, wearing black leather coat and light coloured pants.
RACE: Possibly Middle Eastern, Spoke with an accent.
VEHICLE: Black SUV type.
LOCATION: Ontario street, just south of Gerrard street.
TIME: 4:25 pm.

TORONTO, Tues, Jan 27/2004 Harrassment/Waste of time & Threatening

PRINCE HOTEL York Mills & Don Mills
Escort agency call for 2 women. Clients said there were 2 of them. Escorts called to confirm they had the $500 dollar fee in cash. The 2 escorts arrived and there were 3 men. The clients had $395 and then pleaded poverty while also being rude when the escorts refused to have sex with them for $395.
Escorts asked for a credit card to make up the difference and dates said they didn't have one and didn't need one to check into hotel because "they knew someone who worked at the hotel".
Clients used all manner of decietful ways to try and dupe escorts into believing they would get the agreed upon fee.
Escorts demanded and received the $395 for their wasted time. Remember this was an agency call and as the escorts explained to the dates the 2 women were still responsible for the agency fees.
After wasting 1 and a half hours, and paying the agency fees, the 2 women ended up with $40 dollars each.
After the escorts left, one of them received " about 30 threatening calls " from the clients on her cell phone. She was told that they would find her, that she had better leave the city, change her phone number, etc.
DESCRIPTION: Escort confirmed that the last name registered with the desk is TURNER. First name may be Paul. All 3 of them are WHITE.
"Paul" is: 5"10, early 40's, dirty blonde hair, slim build.
Other 2: in their early 30's, 5"8, dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, medium build.
Dark hair, blue eyes.
This occured between: 4 & 6 am, Jan 27/2004.

TORONTO, Sat, Nov 29/2003

A Trans woman was sexually assaulted by a client matching the description of Cassandra Do`s murderer and a 1997 assault (see below for description). It was an incall at her place in the Parkdale area at about 2 am. He got her number from her ad in an EYE magazine edition from last August. She hadn`t advertised since August. At the beginning of the date he seemed fine, though he wasn`t interested in foreplay. He then got rougher and began choking her. She managed to push him off of her and she got up to get something from behind the curtains. He lunged at her. She then told him that the camera on her dresser was recording everything. He stopped immediately and apologized. He got dressed and left but not before stealing a substantial amount of money from her purse. An interesting detail is that he removed the condom he was wearing and took it with him. Also he was completely shaven. Not a hair on his body. The sex pro has his work number and has given it, along with this info to police.

TORONTO, Mon, Oct, 20/2003 We`ve received info that a sex pro who works in a building not far from where Mayling worked, saw a date (a couple of days after Mayling's body was found), that matches the suspect police are looking for, for a 1997 assault, Cassandra Do`s murder and possibly Mayling's murder. He came to her apt and said he wanted to dominate her. She refused, he asked her repeatedly and began to get aggressive. She went into her bedroom, shutting the door and pretended to be talking to another person. The guy got worried and fled. She`s ok. The cell phone number he called her from to set up the date is 416-***-1634.
DESCRIPTION: Male Black, about 6`3", between 30 and 40 years old, about 230 lb. with short dark hair and some facial stubble.

Fri,Oct,24/2003 We`ve received conflicting info about this persons cell #. Seems he may be calling from a pager. However the info we have is that it is a cell #. We at spoc called his # Oct 21/2003. He returned our call. We were noncommittal, to say the least. We`ve received info from police that this cell is a genuine. Our info, from the police, via Maggie`s is that the # is in fact registered with a cell provider and not a pay as you go. If you have info about this bad date, feel free to call us or you can call, Craig Samson, the cops at (homicide) at 416-808-7414 x,104.

TORONTO, Thus,Oct,16/2003

Metro police have released info about another incall sex pro who was found murdered in her apt, Mon, Oct, 13. The body of Lien Pham whose working names were May-ling and/or Kim, was found at her apt at 24 Mabelle Ave, Apt # 1817. (Islington Ave. / Dundas St. W. area) Mayling, like Cassandra Do was also strangled to death. She was 39 years old. There are disturbing similarities between the 2 sex pro`s deaths. Both were Asian, both were strangled, both were incalls. We`ve also received info that both were found dead in their bathtubs. Also neither women`s apt building had video surveillance in the lobbies. Sounds like he did his homework. At this time, police are looking for the same person who killed Cassandra Do. The suspect`s DESCRIPTION is Black male, about 6'3", muscular build, may wear glasses. If you have seen any bad dates meeting this description, give us a call or e-mail. You do not have to give us ANY info about yourself if you don`t want to.

We have just learned that within the past year, there have been at least 2 strangulation murders of sex pro`s in the Hamilton, Ontario area. Police are now looking at those cases to see if there are links to the Toronto murders. We hope to have more detailed info on that soon.

TORONTO A description of Cassandra Do's murderer became available via metro toronto police Sat, Oct 3,2003. It's a little sketchy, but it's all we have to go on at this time. ( Ms Do was found strangled to death in her Gloucester St. apt Aug, 26. 2003. She was transgendered and worked via the ads in Toronto's NOW and EYE weekly newspapers as well as the Internet.) Ms Do's working name was Tula. In 1997 another sex pro, a female, was viciously assaulted by the same guy. (The police have matched the DNA). She managed to escape alive, and reported the assault to police. Both sex pro's worked via the ads. Both incidents were incalls. We highly suspect there were more assaults that may have not been reported to police. DESCRIPTION, Black male, about 6-foot-3", 230 pounds and may wear glasses. In 1997 his head was closely shaved and he had no facial hair.

THE GLOBEANDMAIL reported Mon, Oct 6/2003 that very soon after the description of Cassandra Do's killer had been reported on CFTO TV, four sex pro's contacted the station to report that they too, had been beaten and sexually attacked by a guy meeting that description. We entirely understand why so many sex pro's did not report these assaults to toronto police, a few of us too, have been told by metro's "finest" (after we've been assaulted on the job), that they won't help us because we're "outside of the law". All sex pro's should be careful, but especially incall girls. If you do not have anyone else to call, please call us, at least to let us know when a potential date is coming over or to let us know where and what time you are going to meet a date. Don't worry, unless metro police raid us AND use Saudi Arabian torture techniques, they won't be getting any info from us. We are working girls too. Our phone # is 416-364-5603 or e-mail us at


DESCRIPTION: African accent, about 22 or 23 yrs. old, 5,10' with a slim to medium build and short black hair.

WHAT HAPPENED: Sex Pro took date behind a building at Beaty Avenue south of Queen St. W.. He then stabbed her in the throat and fled.


8 sex pros have turned up dead. It seems like Edmonton police don`t even want to get it. We at get the feeling that these cops believe that no one in their families would ever be a whore, so what`s the point of spending their "precious" resources on finding a dead hookers' murderer ( let alone preventing it.) If these "wonderful, morally, clean" cops ever looked at their own families' history they would see that there are probably 1 or 2 hookers in their family closet. The murdered women`s names are: SYLVIA BALLANTYNE, 40, DEBBIE LAKE, 28, MELLISSA MUNCH, 20, MONIQUE PITRE, 30, EDNA BERNARD, 28, KELLY REILLY, 28, JOYCE HEWITT,22, CARA KING,22. Now (Nov 18, 2003), we learn that Alberta police (RCMP Project Care) are going back to look at 80 murders of our colleagues that have happened in that province within the last decade. Thanks, but this PR exercise tells us way too little, toooooo late. Thanks for the earnest looking TV press conference, anyway.

Update December 26th 2007: Aziga has since been convicted of knowingly spreading the HIV virus to women.

ALERT!!! HAMILTON, ONTARIO There's a guy who has seen many women in the Hamilton area. He is HIV positive and knows it. The latest info we have on him is that he does not specifically target sex pros. But 18 women he has seen in the Hamilton area have reported that they are now HIV positive. His real name is JOHNSON AZIGA. His birthdate is 1956-06-06. He is BLACK with short hair, medium build. Hamilton police are concerned he may have seen women in Sault Ste. Marie, Toronto, Brantford and Peel Region.
Anyone who may have seen him is urged to call Det. Troy Ashbaugh of the Sexual Assault Unit at 905-540-5545 or Det. Kelly Rees of the Divisional Detective Office at 905-546-3818

TORONTO , Incident occurred about 9 p.m. Sat , August 30 /03.

Client called from private / unknown number and arranged to meet sex pro for an incall. Said his name is Steve. Once he got to sex pro's place he confirmed the price with her and then quickly flashed a badge. He told her that she was under arrest and would do 3 months in jail and that to sort this mess out would cost her 4000 dollars. He settled for the 300 dollars that the sex pro had on hand. He then said she was on a "hot list" and he would contact her again using the name "Blue Jay". DESCRIPTION: WHITE, 50-55yrs, about 5'6", completely bald, clean shaven, straight nose, very blue eyes. Wore a white golf shirt with the toronto police logo on the left breast.
Recently, we received a call from another sex pro who did not see this guy but believes she spoke with him on the phone. He told her his name is Al and would call her again to set up a date and would use the name "Blue Eyes".

TORONTO MAGGIES' BAD DATE INFO (for street professionals)

WHEN: Mon, April 20,2003 4:30 am

DESCRIPTION: white, 5'10, short black hair, late 30's

WHAT HAPPENED: picked up sex pro downtown (HOMEWOOD AND MAITLAND), smoked crack, paid her then turned on her with a crowbar. Hit her in the head repeatedly. She eventually managed to escape.

VEHICLE: grey 4-door car


Brent-lives at Dundas & Dufferin -lives in nice, upscale townhouse. Phone # begins with 416-532-xxxx. He becomes verbally abusive and yells & screams and goes into a rage with a bad temper. Toronto

Goes by the internet handle of Aspen and/or Zelnar and/or Handsome 763 – His phone # 416-***-7177
Also signs some of his e-mails with the name Austin and sometimes when calling agencies uses the name Remoulade. 30-40 yrs, East Indian. Very misleading kind of person, he seems like a nice guy at first, but you find out in wierd ways that he's not. Very pushy, tried fisting, quite rough in some ways. Tries to push for more time, barter. Favours Latin or Indian pro's.

East Indian, 5-ft. 10-in. short black hair, dresses in suit like business man- tries to force escort to submit to certain sexual acts, and claims poverty and tries to short change the escort/agency afterwards, when he’s already been told in advance what the fees are.

Derek from Oshawa -lives on Dean St.-he beat the escort to a bloody pulp & knocked her out cold! He was a repeat client but suddenly snapped.

Danny- 5-ft. 8-in. slim build…140-150 lb. black hair with some grey, has definite genital warts!

Paul of Oshawa -lives on Clarke St.-works as broker in Real Estate. Became physically abusive to escort-hair pulling, slamming her against the wall, ripped off her money, verbally abusive also & yelling names.

Lorne Z. -saw an escort on an incall & tried to strangle her. Client lives around Harbourfront area, but no phone # as escort did not confirm.

Charles-goes by the internet handle Pridefc1981. Very rude, obscene, disrespectful. Client is approx. 5-ft. 8-in. tall, medium build, dark brown hair and somewhere between mid to late 30’s, age range.

Joe– Early to mid 30’s, about 5-ft 8 in. tall, fairly fit, has shortly cropped hair, almost buzzed. Lives in a big loft above his business, on MacPherson St. in Toronto. He was obviously intoxicated. He was verbally abusive, swearing and shouting, attempted to intimidate escort and grabbed her when she attempted to leave.