Bad Client List



End of November

Pro picked up date who was on foot. He wanted oral sex but when the pro told him he would have to pay up front $40.00 the date said "no" and that he would pay her after. Pro insisted on being paid up front, an argument about payment ensued and the date started to strangle pro. Pro proceeded to hit him with the butt of her lighter and made enough noise that people came to her aid and the date ran off.


Date was on foot. White, male, blond hair, clean shaven, 250 -300lbs, about 6'2

LOCATION: Behind 313 Sherbourne St. Near Allan Gardens


November 21st

Pro picked up date. While in the vehicle the date offered her a cheese sandwich and made small talk. After a short while the date pulled out an Xacto knife and threatened pro. Pro was raped but managed to get him to wear a condom.

DESCRIPTION: Male, Middle Eastern, late 20's to early 30's, olive skin, dark brown eyes, clean shaven, wore all black including a black tuque and fake leather security boots.

VEHICLE DESCRIPTION: Dark blue (almost black) automatic, with the license plate number 97*-NH*

LOCATION: Marjorie Ave and Gerrard Street


Early November

Pro met date on the street. Once she was in the vehicle he assaulted her and tried to prevent her from leaving.

DESCRIPTION: Male, Portuguese, partially bald, late 20's, short with a stocky build, brown eyes, no moustache, used the name John.

VEHICLE DESCRIPTION: White 4 door car with primer on the bottom.

LOCATION: Lansdowne & Dupont


October 25th

Pro met with a date at a hotel. The date offered her a beer (which was not opened in her presence), she politely declined. He then asked if she’d like a smoke, which she also declined, then he asked her if she wanted to do some lines of cocaine, again the pro said "no". After that the date got furious with her refusals and grabbed a screwdriver from the night stand, pro and date fought until she could finally get away.

DESCRIPTION: Goes by the last name Holt, cell number ***-3063

LOCATION: West Harbour Inn


September in the afternoon

Pro picked up date on the street. They went back to the dates’ apartment where he paid her $30.00. Ofocurse Pro asked him to use a condom. He refused and asked for his money back. Then he grabbed her by the throat, hurting her. Pro started screaming and managed to run out the door.

DESCRIPTION: White, male, 55 - 65 years old, 5'8, with a skinny build. Eye colour may be blue, hair is gray/white and is balding on top, no beard or moustache.


LOCATION: Kennedy/St. Clair, apartment on the 6th floor


Saturday September 10th

Pro saw a date who was very insulting, during the date told her that she didn’t know how to use her hand and started calling her names. Date told her that he is going to kill people.

LOCATION: Behind the Eaton Centre


End of the summer

After picking up pro, date stole her cell phone and locked her inside of his car. He drove north on the DVP. Then he raped and sodomized her.

DESCRIPTION: Male, black, dressed in all black, wore a baseball cap.


LOCATION : Queen & Parliament sts.


Sunday August 7th 5:00am

Pro was approached by a man, they agreed on a service and a price. The date led her into a laneway where there was a second man waiting. She got nervous and told them she was leaving. Both men
severely beat her and stole all her belongings.


First man: Black, dark skin, 18-21 years old, short afro, 5"7 - 5"8, slim, brown eyes, wore all black clothing.

Second man: Black, in his 20's, shaved hair, 5"10, slim, brown eyes, wore all black clothing.

LOCATION: Ontario St. and Gerrard St. East.


Friday July 22th

An outdoor sex pro met a seemingly nice date at Church and Weston Road. They agreed on a price and he paid her in advance. Once in the vehicle the date demanded her purse and started roughing her up. When she wouldn't leave without her wallet the date started pulling her hair while driving on the highway. She began screaming and the date started pulling her hair harder. She does not remember how she escaped. Date also told her that he'd "get all her friends."

DESCRIPTION: Male, 20 - 30 yrs, white (possibly Italian or Hispanic), good looking, bald, scar on arm or face.

VEHICLE: White cube van, green lettering of business on side (starts with 'M'), hoses and machinary in back of van.


Thursday, July 21st after midnight

An outdoor sex worker and trick agreed that oral sex would be provided, and then the trick raped the sex worker. The sex worker later contacted Toronto's Sex Crimes Unit.

DESCRIPTION: Male, white, 27 - 30yrs, 6'2, 270lbs, large build but not fat, short black hair, glasses, clean shaven, wore black clothes.

VEHICLE DESCRIPTION: Brown or tan jeep, soft-top, roll bars, standard transmission, very clean interior.


Thursday June 9th 4:30am

Date picked up pro, agreed on a fee and they went off together. Then date decided that he was not going to pay her. He started hitting and kicking her head and arms, punching her everywhere. He ripped her clothes off her body and raped her. He forced a glass pop bottle up her vagina. When the bottle broke, he pushed it up her anus. He then yelled at her to get out of the car but she could not move. He got out, came around to her side of the car and grabbed her hair, pulling her out of the car. She was naked. He threw her clothes out of the door and drove off. An ambulance came by shortly and took her to emergency. She underwent surgery.

DESCRIPTION: White male, in his 20's, 6 feet tall, with blond hair, cut short on the sides and spikey on top. He had brown eyes and a noticeable scar on one eyebrow. He had a stong build (looks like he works out). Was wearing running shoes, a white tank top, and blue jeans.

VEHICLE: Navy blue Monte Carlo-look-a-like.

LOCATION: Parliament and Dundas area.


Wednesday June 1st

Pro was approached by a man. He paid her $150.00. She was negotiating the terms from the roadside. Then the man tried to rush her into the car, stating that he didn't want to talk because of the "heat" in the area.

DESCRIPTION: Muscular black male, 5'10-6' feet tall, had an Afro, goatee and a diamond earring in his right ear. He wore a baseball cap tilted to one side. His name is believed to be Hugh.

VEHICLE: Old dark blue Valiant with sloping back windows and New York plates. The radio dial was set to 93.5

LOCATION: Carlton and Jarvis sts.


Monday May 30th

A male has been attacking pros. He negotiates for services, gets pros into a truck and then chokes them.

DESCRIPTION: Middle aged white male with red hair. He is chubby and wears glasses.

VEHICLE: White Truck, partial license plate number 197 **E

LOCATION: Sherbourne and Carlton area.


Sunday May 29th

Pro went on a date and the guy grabbed her by the throat and stole her money.

DESCRIPTION: East Indian male with badly dyed blond hair.

VEHICLE: Black Escort 1988-1989 model. partial license plate number is ACC Z**

LOCATION: Kingston Road and Kitchener, Toronto.


Friday May 27th

An indoor pro has advised us that there is a photographer that emails indoor pros and askes if they would like to do a photo-shoot with him. She says that he is dangerous and no one should contact him.


Tuesday May 24th at 9:15pm

Pro met date at a hotel on Front Street. She was paid $300.00. Though pro tried for 45 minutes he could not orgasm. Date asked for his money back.

DESCRIPTION: Male, white, obese covered with psoriasis, smells of tar based skin cream.

LOCATION: Hotel on Front Street.


May 18th

Pro negotiated a price of $40.00 but the date didn't want to pay up. They argued and she decided to leave. The date kicked her out of the car before she could grab her coat and belongings.

DESCRIPTION: Light-skinned mixed race male, 20-22yrs, with a slim build, his name was Maurice.

VEHICLE: Gray or Silver SUV.

LOCATION: Regent Park, downtown Toronto.

IMPORTANT!! Coming from Wendy Leaver of the Sex Crimes Unit in Toronto:

I am looking for info from anyone that may have come in contact with the following individual:

I have had two calls on the Bad Date Line from two females and one was an escort and I believe the second worked on the street. They describe being taken to an address in the west end of the city and being sexually assaulted and also shown a Dungeon area in the basement of the house that was filled with heavy equipment. One victim states she saw circular saws and the second victim states that she saw a guillotine and other paraphernalia hanging from the ceiling. They were threatened by him and both expressed fear that he knew where they lived. It appears this male is involved in S&M. The second victim believes she was drugged and woke up the next day with bruises and cuts to her body.

He is described by both as Male/White, 30--40 years of age, balding, a goatee 5'10 - 6', approx 200 lbs, very articulate, smooth talker and one described him initially as "very kind". Both stated that he was gay and disliked women.

Our concern is the danger to the women that this person is targeting and also the equipment in his basement and what it is used for.

I can do nothing on this case without a complainant.

If anyone has had any involvement with this male, please contact me and all information is confidential. or my phone # 416-808-7446