Bad Client List


December 30th

Invited Pro to his place (not sure if it is his home or an executive suite), paid her then brutally raped her. He was a professor and may work for the government. Sometimes stays at the Delta Inn when he travels to Toronto.

DESCRIPTION: Male, East Indian, clean cut, clean shaven, slim build, and short black hair.

LOCATION: Queen St. E. and Sherbourne area.


December 5th

Pro got into white 4 door car. Bad Date drove her to secluded location. During services the bad date said he liked rough sex. He choked her until she blacked out briefly. He smashed her head against the car door a few times. Pulled a pole out of back seat and said he was going to use it anally on her while being verbally abusive. She kicked a window out of the car and managed to escape. Another sex worker claims to have been assaulted by the same man.

DESCRIPTION: Male, white, approximately 60 yrs old, name may be Serge. Grey hair, says he runs a Limo service.

VEHICLE DESCRIPTION: White 4-door car newer model (could be a Grand Prix), flag behind drivers seat next to clothes hook (may be the Polish flag). Had a beer keg on the seat. License plate numbers include 453

LOCATION: Parkdale around Queen and Jameson sts.


End of November

Date picked up pro on Queen St. and said he wanted to party. He had crack and wanted to smoke it with her during the sexual encounter. He drove her to a secluded spot in Ashbridges Bay parking lot, (around the southern part of Coxwell Ave, south of Lakeshore Blvd). He asked her to strip naked in the front passenger seat so that he could stare at her while continuing to smoke and then wanted to have sex. The Pro was able to get the date to wear a condom but he kept trying to remove it whenever he thought she couldn’t see. When she objected to him removing the condom the Date pulled out a large curved knife. She was able to calm him down and get away safely.

DESCRIPTION:  Name may be Ricardo or Ricky. Appeared to be either White or Hispanic, about 40 years old (but looks younger), medium built, bald shaven head, semi circular moustache (extending from chin around nose and back to chin), spoke about being married with children. Had a Spanish accent.

VEHICLE DESCRIPTION: Black Coupe, newer model, 2 wheel drive, with bucket seats.

LOCATION: Queen St. East between Broadview and Kingston Road.

Bad Date convicted

November 15th                                                  

Todd Stoute, 22, and another male were at a downtown Toronto nightclub on Sat., June 26, 2004. Stoute approached a sex pro in the area of Carlton and Jarvis sts. Price and terms were negosiated. Pro did not know that the second male was hiding in the back seat. Stoute drove to a nearby alley, where they had sex. Once they had finished, she realized her purse was missing. Then he hit her twice on the head with a bottle, causing her to bleed heavily. She was pulled to the back of the truck, and her head covered with a blanket. Stoute drove while his accomplice, Kevon McPhee raped her. They drove to Scarborough where the two men left her in a dumpster, taking her purse and cell phone. Todd Stoute has been convicted of assault causing bodily harm and sexual assault. His accomplice Kevon McPhee is awaiting trial.

Description of Vehicle: Ford Explorer, black, tinted windows.


October 12th

Pro was forced into a car against her will. Date drove her down to the Credit Valley River where he threatened to drown her. She managed to escape.

DESCRIPTION: male, Black, 25 or 26, 5 foot 5, overwieght, brown eyes, black hair – shaved but growing it out.

VEHICLE DESCRIPTION: Red car, license plate may include AW 503.



Male is EXTREMLY violent. One Pro was choked and on a separate occasion another colleague was physically assaulted.

DESCRIPTION: male, White, 6 feet, 300lbs, very large build but not fat, big hands, 40 – 50 years old. Brown hair, thick eye glasses, bad body odour.

VEHICLE DESCRIPTION: Driving 1990’s white pick up truck. Homemade wooden unpainted box on back of truck.

LOCATION: Durham Region.


Saturday September 30th

Info from Toronto Police.

The Special Victims Unit has charged a Toronto with sexual assault of a colleague. It is alleged that the Date requested services. They then went to a nearby secluded outdoor location where he physically and sexually assaulted her. He then stole her belongings and ran off. Salvatore Olindo has since been charged with Threatening Bodily Harm, Assault, Sexual Assault Causing Bodily Harm, Threatening Death, Forcible Confinement, and Robbery.

DESCRIPTION: Salvatore Olindo, age 28

Anyone with further information regarding Olindo, or his activities is urged to call Det. Wendy Leaver at the Special Victims Unit 416-808-7446


Photo of Christopher Dorsey

Christopher Dorsey, an alleged serial rapist who is known to lock up our colleagues, one was confined for 3 days. He allegedly sexually and physically assaults our colleagues. Dorsey is in the midst of a trail for these alleged crimes and the Crown may be seeking a dangerous offender status as of November 27 2006. Last year about several colleagues from the Parkdale area reported him to The Special Victims Unit. Even though the trial has been ongoing and difficult for the women, they have all stood together for this trial and continue to testify.

December 28th 2007: Updates pending.


Tuesday October 3rd

Date approaches colleagues in vehicle and leans over and to make small talk (ie asking her how she is, what her name is). As soon as she leans toward the passenger side of the car he punches our colleagues in the face and drives off. One woman has had her nose broken by him and at least two others have been similarly assaulted.

DESCRIPTION: male, 25 – 30 yrs, East Indian, brown eyes, short black hair, moustache with a bit of a goatee.

VEHICLE DESCRIPTION: Red/maroon 4 door midsized car.

LOCATION: Sherbourne Street and Dundas St. East


Saturday September 9th at 3:00pm

Pro was approached by a man asking for a date even though she wasn’t working Pro agreed anyways. He (the date) led the Pro to a stairwell, the door locking behind them. Pro tried to run upstairs but the Date grabbed and choked her until she became unconscious. When the Pro came to she was on her stomach and he was sodomizing her. She was completely pinned down. She started screaming. He told her he was going to smash her head into the cement and kill her if she screamed again. She screamed anyway. He choked her again. She went unconscious again. When she reawoke she asked him to use a condom. She managed to get one arm free, fought him off and ran up the stairs and exited the stairwell. He went after her and grabbed her hair. Then he just walked away—went up Stafford to King street.

DESCRIPTION: Black male, mid to late 20’s, 5’8, medium build, brown eyes with long eyelashes, black hair (shaved not bald), no facial hair. Was wearing beige dress pants, button-up short sleeved striped dress shirt and black Bandelero knapsack.

LOCATION: Wellington and Stafford –staircase of condo.


Friday September 8th at 7:10 pm

This is the fifth report about this man. Date picks up young women as well as transgendered women working as sex pro’s. He often lures them with crack. He then rapes them at gunpoint before robbing them. Claims to be a pimp.

DESCRIPTION: Possible name Ricky Downey, Male, Bi-racial, late 30’s – 40’s, 5”9 – 5”10, stocky build, brown eyes, shaved hair.

LOCATION: Housing around Jarvis and Queen St. East


Thursday September 29th

Pro was working and approached a man in a car who she at first assumed to be a police officer. When the Pro asked him if he was a police officer he said “yes, you must get in the car” and flashed a Metro Police pin as well as casually showed her a badge. He then drove her around asking her to point out other Sex Pro’s and drug users. Feeling almost certain that this man was NOT a police officer, Pro asked to be let out of the car. The man pulled up behind a school and said that he wasn’t sure whether he would take her to police headquarters unless she “could figure something out”. Pro tried leaving but the man started grabbing at her. Pro punched him and managed to leave safely. Pro is worried he may be targeting other Sex Pro’s.

DESCRIPTION: 25-30 yrs., 6 feet tall with a big build, short hair, wore a baseball cap.

VEHICLE DESCRIPTION: 4 door silver car

PICK UP LOCATION: Dawn St. & Weston Road across from the GO station.

Aug. 36* Rydell Ave

He met sex pro outside of the apt. building, said he has to get something out of his locker. 

As soon as they where in the locker room, he brutally forced her into a locker which he 

locked. He then left. She managed to escape.                                                             


Light complexion, mixed race. Well dressed, short black buzz cut hair, 

clean shaven. No accent. Cell # is 647-***-9444 
Uses different names but SPOC is fairly certain his first name is Kevin. We know he is serial 

at this as he called the same woman a couple of weeks later. Because she had a different 

ad, he was unaware it was the same woman that he had assaulted. 

(This time he requested an in-call.) Needless to say she did not book him.


Toronto Mid August - Incall

Male saw a woman new to the industry & was very rough with her. Sex Pro now has bruises on her arms & legs. Removed condom when she was unable to see. Sex Pro is now under going testing.

Bad date is Guyanese or Middle Eastern. Between 39 & 44 years old. About 6 feet tall, 210 to 220 lbs. Short brown hair, clean shaven, black framed glasses. May have a black left eye as agency security punched him while he was running away. Says his name is " Colin. " Drives a black Honda Civic car, possibly a 2002 model. His phone # is, 416-***-1365. He has seen other escorts without any untoward incident.

July 20th

This man picks up our colleagues and beats them up. He is also a control freak.

DESCRIPTION: Male/white, 40 years of age, chubby

VEHICLE DESCRIPTION: drives an old white pick-up truck with scrape metal in back of truck.



Colleague was approached by a man. Once she got up to leave and male grabbed her from behind by his forearm and choked her. Friend standing close by, saved her. Male left.

DESCRIPTION: Male/White, 40's, chubby, often rides a bike and is from Newfoundland.

LOCATION: Pembroke and Queen sts.

Man Arrested for Pimping Minor July 12th

photo of Kevin Rico Roach

Info from Toronto Police

A 28 year old Brampton  man, Kevin Rico Roach  (pictured) a.k.a Jason, Gamz or Rico, has been arrested after it was reported to the Toronto Police Special Victims Unit that he was pimping out a 14 year old girl and forcing her to work on Jarvis and Gerrard sts. He has since been charged with Assault, Forcible Confinement, Sexual Exploitation, Living off the Avails of Prostitution (under 18 with violence), and Exercising Control. Police believe that he may have forced other young women to work for him, anyone with information about the suspect is asked to contact Detective Eduardo Dizon at (416) 808-7468 or Crime Stoppers anonymously at (416) 222-TIPS (8477).

ASSAULT End of June/early July

Colleague was approached by male who waved her over. As she approached him, he punched her in the left cheek knocking her to the ground.
DESCRIPTION: Male/White, clean cut, "straight laced looking" European accent, tattoos on wrists (front) short or bald hair.
LOCATION: Sherbourne Street/Allen Gardens area.


Happened in Toronto Ontario.

NAME: Says it is Jerry

DESCRIPTION: White 5' 8 " about 55 years old, some grey hair. Has an accent. Says he's Polish & from Oakville, Ont. Medium build with a "big gut".

Blathers on about how our colleague "needs big connections in this business " implying that he has them. Is into vocal.

REMOVES CONDOM when sex pro is unable to see.

Monday July 3rd at 2:00am

A male sex worker was with a date who became physically abusive. The bad date punched him in the arms, pushed him to the ground and stole his cell phone. The bad date also performed oral sex on our colleague against his will.

DESCRIPTION: Male, Olive skinned, 25 - 30 yrs, dark brown eyes, dark brown hair pulled back into a pony tail.

LOCATION: Church and Maitland sts.


June 11th between 3-4 pm

Date pulled up to colleague while she was working and asked how she was doing. After getting food from Burger King they went to 47 Brookefield. Date said that he's a tow truck driver and had lots of tools in his place. One of the tools in particular was a circular saw that was sitting by the bed (she asked that it be put away). Date went into the bathroom and came out wearing a gold colored cock-ring. When Pro asked for partial payment after providing a bit (3/4), of service the Date became verbally abusive saying, "You bitches, as soon as I give you money you'll take off..." After some more arguing, the Date paid her $20.00 and sensing that the Date might become physically dangerous she quickly left.

DESCRIPTION: Isaac, white male, between 40 - 44 years of age, 5'10 - 5'11, tanned, stalky fit build (military-like), blue eyes, dark blond hair, clean-shaven, was wearing a blue buttoned down shirt and khaki/beige pants.

VEHICLE DESCRIPTION: Blue van, license plate may include AH 947

LOCATION: 47 Brookefield (King and Jameson sts.)

Happened early June
Sherbourne & Gerrard Streets, about 1 a.m.

Says his name is " Bobby "
Black / South Asian
No accent
22 to 24 years old
5, 9" to 5, 10" tall, slim build. 150 to 160 lbs.
Well groomed, clean shaven, no glasses or jewelry, nice car

Colleague took him to her place, he was sexually rough and when she wasn't able to see, he removed the condom during sex.
Our colleague is now being treated for gonorrhea & clamydia. She is awaiting test results for HIV & syphilis.


Friday May 26th at 10:45pm

Date picked up colleague on the street and drove to an ally behind the Chocolate Lofts (condo building). He got into the back of his van and took his clothes off. Date didn’t want to use a condom, he was also drunk and started to argue with her. He grabbed her hair and yanked her; he then bashed her head into the side of his van (on the inside). He then grabbed her overcoat and pulled it over her head. He then grabbed her throat and started choking her. He pushed her to the floor of the van, called her a whore, bitch, and told her he would kill her. He told the Pro to lie still and fuck him. Pro tried to find the door release, but couldn’t. Date told her there wasn’t one and that he had a knife and started to grope around for something. That’s when she reached over and grabbed him and hit him in the nuts – she pulled him to the ground and kicked him. She found the door release and managed to get it open and jump out of the car. She grabbed his pants so that he couldn’t chase after her and she was able to run to safety.

DESCRIPTION: White male, 50ish, 5’6-5’8, medium build, might have blue eyes, short straight gray/white hair parted at the side, clean shaven, wore jeans and a short sleeved buttoned shirt with a T-shirt underneath.

VEHICLE DESCRIPTION: Silver/gray mini van (beige carpet with tow rows of captain seats and a back area with the seats down – you can lie down in the back) license plate number is A** 574

LOCATION: Strachan St. & Queen St. West 

RAPE AT GUNPOINT—Fourth Report!!! May 6th

Fourth report against this man. Date picks up women and transwomen sex workers, gives them crack and rapes them at gunpoint. He is also known to rob our colleagues.

DESCRIPTION: Male, bi racial, dark skin, brown eyes, shaved head, stocky build, 5”9 – 5”10, in his late 30’s to early 40’s. Last name may be Downey.

LOCATION: Building aroun Queen St. at Jarvis


While on date, our colleague was threatened by the male with a knife and hit on the head with a baseball bat. Male was also drunk.

DESCRIPTION: Male, East Indian, 5”9, Brown eyes, short black wavy hair, moustache

VEHICLE DESCRIPTION: drove a four-door sedan, burgundy color.

LOCATION: Jarvis and Wellesley sts.


Client asked escort to his home in Scarborough, and made our colleague stay in his living room. When she put on the condom, he complained, saying it was too small. Once she turned around, client removed condom and began raping her. She tried to stop him. He got forceful but she was able to finally get away. He then appologized, asked about her fantasies with other women and his wife walked in to the living room. Wife grabbed escrots stuff. She was able to get away.

DESCRIPTION: Male, black, 5"10, goaty, mustache 48 years old. Female, black, heavy set, late 40's.

LOCATION: MacCowan and Sheppard area.

DID NOT PAY Mid Febuary Toronto

Client contacted colleague and claimed he was a "RICH SURGEON" from NY, looking to be a sugar daddy. Also claimed to own a big agency in NY and wanted to hire her. Payed for their first one hour appointment, but mislead her into thinking he was interested in her for his agency and being her sugar daddy he short changed her on their second appointment, and did not pay on their third appointment. Beware of this tactic.

REFUSED TO PAY   January 18th at 11:00pm                                     

Date was surprised when colleague asked for her payment. He didn’t pay her but did give her money for a cab drive home. The Date was intoxicated/high at the time and was acting creepy.

DESCRIPTION: Goes by the name Byron, white, male, 34 years old, 5’9”,160 lbs, short brown hair, clean shaven, pinstripe dress pants and a dress shirt.

LOCATION: Royal Hotel (Front & York sts.)


Updated April 24th 2007 : Legal name: Dustin STEVENSON (now 26 years of age)

He has been in custody since June 2006 and is awaiting trial.

This "john" is violent (chokes and punches in the face), makes verbal  death threats and CLAIMS to be ARMED WITH A HANDGUN.("indicated but not  seen.")

Male, mixed race, 22-25 yrs, possible name  or alias of "JAM" or "JAMA" 6'1-2", thin but muscular build, dark brownn  hair. (u/k style as he had a hoodie on), dark brn moustache and goatee,  wearing beige pants, blk hooded sweater, white low cut runnining shoes with red

He wears black gloves and keeps them on during the  sexual acts.  He also wears a condom and takes it with him when he leaves.  He demanded oral, followed by vaginal sex but tells the victim not to  look at him.  He said he prefers blond girls although the victim in our case is black.  During sex he tells the victim to say she is a "14 year old
virgin."  There is no vehicle known to be associated with this male.

The victim was picked up in the Lansdowne and Dupont area.


January 3rd at 3:00am

Date approached colleague while walking on the street, he asked her if she was working, she said yes and he asked her if she'd come to his place. Once they got to his place, he grabbed a knife off a bookshelf and threatened her with it saying, "I don't get paid till Wednesday but I want some lip service now!" She was forced to provide oral sex as he filmed the entire act on his cell phone. Afterwards she was able to leave.

DESCRIPTION: Male, white, about 6 feet tall, 200 lbs, short blondish hair, good looking, fit and clean cut.

LOCATION: Apartment building beside the IGA on King St. at either Gwynne or Elm Grove Ave. Apartment number 12