Bad Client List


Mid December

Client booked for 1-hr. Paid for 1-hr then demanded money back. He claimed there was no connection. He became belligerent and screamed at our colleague. She was scared of him, and gave him his money back.

Description: Very tall, grey hair, Caucasian, in his 50's

Name given: Brian

Phone number: 416-79*-*430 Says he studies law and is a current grade 6 teacher.


September 29th

A Date who previously saw a Trans Pro awhile ago and refused to pay is now harassing the Pro on a daily basis by calling her cell and threatening her safety. The Pro is worried that he may get violent and wants to warn other Pro’s (especially transgender Pro’s), to watch out for him.

DESCRIPTION: Used the name Mike, white with an Olive skin tone (may be Armenian), 5’10, 160lbs, dark brown eyes, long brown hair in a ‘mullet’ style, full beard and moustache, lives in the North York area and always has beer with him. His number is 416-***-4478


Saturday September 29th at 9:30pm

Man came up to a Pro and asked he could trade a 40 stone for her service. When the Pro asked for the payment upfront the man said, “No – I did that and the chick smoked it, got stuck, and couldn’t do the job. I was out of a 40 stone that I could have sold for $60 or $70 bucks.” The man then reached down (as if he was going to pull out the stone from his sock) and reached for a weapon could have been a knife as it was a long silvery metal object and threatened to physically and sexually assault her. At this point the Pro got up and ran, but as she was running the man was still able to grab her purse. He couldn’t chase her much further though, as his pants were pulled down. The Pro managed to escape (without her purse), and is worried she or other Pro’s might see him. The Pro believes that this man wants to hurt women – badly.  Apparently other Pro’s have seen this man and say that he’s very abusive, aggressive and strong, and often goes for the throat and face when attacking. He approaches Pro’s and asks them how business is going, and if they are looking for dope. After he’s done doing a blast he gets really crazy and loses his temper.

DESCRIPTION:  Black (may be Somali), very tall, thin, short black hair, long skinny face, big feet, small penis, wore a grey zippered hooded jacket and black t-shirt.


Friday September 14th between 2 – 3am

Pro was picked up by a Date who said he was from Oshawa. The Date paid the Pro and drove to a graveyard at Wellesley and Sumach and received service. Afterward the Date drove the Pro back to a parking lot behind 40 Oak street and demanded his money back. When the Pro refused, the Date began to beat her, and tried to choke her. He took her shoes, socks, and purse (looking for the cash), and when he finally found her money he let her go. She sustained a lip laceration, lots of bruising, and soft tissue injury to her neck.

DESCRIPTION: White male, light strawberry brown curly hair, 5’10”.

VEHICLE DESCRIPTION: Silver Chrysler station wagon.

LOCATION: Gerrard and Parliament sts.


Wednesday September 12th at 11:00am

A message parlour operator in Toronto was shot twice in the stomach in what appears to have been an attempted robbery. The operator is expected to survive.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Det.- Const. Mike Mullen of the Hold Up Squad at 416-808-7350.

DESCRIPTION: Male, 5’7, chubby build, round face, dressed all in black and wearing a fanny pack.

LOCATION: (Lawrence Ave. & Dufferin St.)


Friday September 7th between 2 – 3 am

A trans Sex Pro was introduced to a new Date who was friends with a pervious Date. The new Date and the Pro went back to the Pro’s place. Once inside the apartment the Date went into the washroom (where he was either using drugs or coming down off drugs), after he came out of the washroom the Date became verbally abusive saying that he wanted his money back and threatening to kill the Pro. The Pro was eventually able to get the Date to leave.

DESCRIPTION OF DATE: Used the name Vic, South Asian (but looks Italian), 23 years old, 5’8, 150lbs and dressed preppy.

DESCRIPTION OF PREVIOUS DATE: Goes by the name of Jack, phone number is 416-***-8496


Wednesday September 5th

A Sex Pro was picked up by a Date who brought her to his apartment. Once inside, he told the Pro that he was going to urinate all over her. The Pro told him “No” but, the Date did anyway and then demanded sex without a condom. When the Pro said she would call the police, the Date physically assaulted her. The Pro mentioned that this Date is well known for bringing  Sex Pro’s back to his place for days on end.

DESCRIPTION: Alleged name is Darrel T., White male, 44 years old, 5’8, 150lbs, short blond hair, blue eyes, wore tight black spandex shorts, and has a tattoo on his right leg.

LOCATION: 1765 Weston Road (Weston and Lawrence sts.)  


Sunday September 2nd

A male Pro was at a Date's house when the Date suddenly became violent. The Pro reported that the Date armed himself with a knife and physically & sexually assaulted him. The Date then robbed the Pro of his belongings. Pro was able to flee the residence and has since been treated in the hospital. The Date has been arrested and charged with sexual assault and robbery.

DESCRIPTION: Christ Lambert Charite (also went by the names Chris, Chrystallien, and Chrystalli), aged 57

LOCATION: Queen St. West and Jameson Ave


August, 23rd shortly after midnight

A male Sex Pro met a Date while working the street. The Date persuaded the Pro into giving him oral and anal sex, and then viciously assaulted him afterwards and robbing the Pro of his money and cellphone.

DESCRIPTION: Possibly known as Chaos, male, 20-24 years old, white (possibly Italian), 5’8, medium build, clean shaven, had an earring in his upper left ear, and wore a dark short sleeved shirt, black parachute pants, a black baseball cap, and bandana.

LOCATION: Grosvenor St. & Bay St. Area

If anyone has any further information please do contact SPOC 416-519-1456 or email us at You can also contact Sex Crimes Detectives Wendy Leaver or Jackie O'Keefe. Their 24 hour cell number is 416-456-7259


During the evening hours of August 13th, 2007, the accused: Arranged a date with an escort he found
using the website, Told the escort he was a police officer and showed her a badge. Threatened to charge and arrest her if she did not have sex with him. The accused was arrested on August 17th, 2007. He has since been released on bail.

NAME: Shamra Akram

DESCRIPTION: 33yrs. Male. Pakistani, 6’0”. 210lbs., Short black hair, Brown eyes

If anyone has any further information please do contact SPOC 416-519-1456 or email us at You can also contact Sex Crimes Detectives Wendy Leaver or Jackie O'Keefe. Their 24 hour cell number is 416-456-7259.


On July 26th 2007 at approximately 3:00am, a transgender sex worker was sexually assaulted and stabbed by an unknown male. The offence occurred in the area of Bloor Street and Landsdown Avenue. Following the sexual assault, the suspect told the victim that he did not intend to pay for the sex act and that the victim would be forced to accompany him to his home.

DESCRIPTION: Male, white, 20-25yrs old, 5’9”, 130lbs., slim build, Small growth of hair on chin, Short brown hair, curly/wavy, Black hooded sweater.

Suspect is known to be armed and dangerous.

If anyone has any further information please do contact SPOC 416-519-1456 or email us at You can also contact Sex Crimes Detectives Wendy Leaver or Jackie O'Keefe. Their 24 hour cell number is 416-456-7259.


A former Pro was attacked while sleeping at a man’s place and woke up to being raped by the man (who was not wearing a condom) while the man’s friend or roommate watched. Apparently this man is known to have raped other Pro’s, by luring them with crack and then waiting for them to fall asleep.

DESCRIPTION: Name might be Tony, Black, dark skin, black hair closely shaved (almost bald), 5”8 – 5”9, 170 – 180lbs, muscular, walks bowlegged, wore a baseball hat and round wire rimmed glasses (like John Lennon’s glasses). This man has since been stabbed in the back.

LOCATION: 251 Sherbourne St. on the 6th Floor


Toronto police have charged three men after a 17-year old girl was allegedly forced into child prostitution -- and they believe there may be more victims. The accused face 25 charges after the young girl was allegedly confined to one of the man's homes, but fled and found a police officer at the end of May, police said. The youth allegedly met one of the accused through a mutual friend, and lived at his home with the two other men for three weeks when the girl was forced to work at strip clubs and private parties. During her time at the events, police allege the girl was forced to perform sexual acts, and then give the money she earned to the three men. She was also allegedly threatened and physically assaulted.

After an investigation Toronto residents Christopher Lewis, 22, Garnett Grant, 25, and Donovan Lewars, 25, were arrested and charged. Lewis and Grant were slated to appear in court on Friday. Lewars was released on bail, and his next court date is in July. There may be more victims. Anyone with information regarding these men and their activities is urged to contact the Sex Crimes Unit at 416-808-7468 or Crime Stoppers at 416-222-TIPS (8477).


June 21st

Pro picked up a date who was driving in his car. Once inside the car the Date put his arm around her and started winding the Pro’s hair around his hand, when the Pro asked him what he was doing he said he was just playing with her hair. The Date then pushed the Pro’s head down to his crotch and forced her to give him a blowjob. The Pro tried opening the car door but couldn’t, she began screaming and honking his car horn which made him loosen his grip. Once the Date let go of her hair the Pro opened the car door, knocked off his rearview mirror and ran.

DESCRIPTION: Used the name “Sunny”, male, light brown skin tone, black hair, goatee, brown eyes, short, under 5”7, stocky build, possibly between the ages of 25 – 26 years.

VECHILE DESCRIPTION: Red 2 door sports car (possibly a Volvo), no rearview mirror, license plate starts with ‘A’.


June 17, 2007

Pro was standing on the street when a man called out to her, when she approached him he lifted up her skirt and asked if she had a condom. The man raped the Pro and said to her “I run River Street, if you want to work you’ll have to pay me.”

DESCRIPTION: Black with dark skin, 5”6 with a stocky build, brown eyes, black hair in corn rows, clean shaven, wearing a hat.

LOCATION: Sumach and Parliament sts.


May 23rd

Pro met up with a date who took her back to his place and began smoking crack. After a few tokes the Date asked Pro for oral sex and when she refused he started tripping out and burning the Pro on her legs with a cigarette.

DESCRIPTION: Name may be Vinnie Sawan, white, male, about 35 years old, 5 foot 4, 175lbs, blue eyes, short curly black hair, and had scars on his body. Date was wearing black bicycle spandex pants. Pro believes the Date may be a courier.

LOCATION: Parliament and Dundas St. East


End of April

A Pro met a date at Queen and Jameson. Date took Pro to a house that had a woman sitting on the front porch. Once inside the Date asked the Pro is she wanted a “blast” and drugged the Pro with Haloperidol (an anti-psychotic drug) which caused the Pro to become temporarily paralyzed, although she was still conscious. While Pro was sedated the Date raped her both vaginally and anally, and cut her feet with a razor and began “playing” with her blood. Once the drug wore off Pro was able to crawl to safety.

DESCRIPTION: Male, Black (light skinned, possibly West Indian), 6’2”, 140lbs, freckles, and had his hair done in cornrow plaits.

LOCATION: Queen and Jameson area.


April 17th

A 26-year-old man has been charged with seven child prostitution-related offences in connection with a 14-year-old girl who said she was forced to perform sex acts for money. The accused met the girl through a friend of a friend and allegedly arranged her clients and the venues. The man allegedly supplied the teen with various drugs, including cocaine and ecstasy. Charged is Robert “Bobby” Wilson of Toronto. Anyone with information is asked to contact Sex Crimes at 416-808-7468


April 17th

Police have charged a 24-year-old man with seven charges related to the prostitution of a 15-year-old girl. The accused met the victim at a Toronto-area shopping mall and allegedly forced her to work on a designated street corner. In one incident, the man assaulted her when she failed to meet his assigned $90 quota. Charged is Ottis Quashie Thompson, of Toronto. Anyone with information is asked to contact Sex Crimes at 416-808-7468

Robbery, Rape & Violent Physical Assault

UPDATE May 17th 2007 These two have been arrested as of last night(may 16th). The guys is 23 and the girl is 16. If anyone has any further information please do contact SPOC at 416-364-5603 or email us at You can also contact Sex Crimes Detectives Wendy Leaver or Jackie O'Keefe. Their 24 hour cell number is 416-456-7274. Detectives Wendy and Jackie are not the least bit interested in the fact that you're working as a sex professional or your personal life. UPDATED PHOTO:

April 20th

A man and woman are targeting independent in-call sex professionals who work alone. SPOC has received a report that the man books a call and shows up. He then viciously sexually & physically assaults the escort. His accomplice, a woman in her 20's shows up soon after he gets there and they both ransack the escorts' apartment. Under threats and further violence they steal money, anything else of value and demand bank & credit card and PIN numbers.


April 2012

Vince Quesnelle has been granted another trial and is currently out on bail again.

He got a 6 year or 6-1/2 year sentence in 2010, and wasn't due for release for at least another year.

Update: April 30th -- Spoc has received further information that last week, Quesnelle has sexually assualted another woman. He picked her up at Shuter & River sts.

April 24th: Quesnelle has been out on bail for at least two weeks. His wife has thrown him out of the house. He has frequently been seen in the Cabbagetown area downtown (Sherbourne and Dundas) and is apparently living in shelters and using drugs (which is contrary to his bail conditions). Should you see him, please call SPOC @ 416-364-5603 or Detective Wendy Leaver @ 416-808-7446. You can call either SPOC or Wendy Leaver anonymously or the police anonymous bad date hotline @ 416-808-0000.

March 19th 2007

Vince QUESNELLE, 34yrs.

Alias:   “Little Vinnie”, “Ricky”

Desc:  Male, white, 6’2”, 210lbs., brown eyes, brown hair, beard, heavy build.


This male was recently arrested for a number of violent offences committed against a sex worker from the downtown area.  The accused posed as an associate of the HELL’S ANGELS Outlaw Biker Gang.  The victim was taken to the basement of a Laundromat in the area of Wilson Ave. and Bathurst Street and was violently sexually assaulted.  There is information that there may be other victims who may be sex workers.

Anyone with further information about Quesnelle or any of his activities is urged to contact

Det. Wendy Leaver #5525 @ 416-456-7259.

Anyone willing to remain annonymouse may call crime stoppers tip line @ 416-222-TIPS


Thursday, January 18th at 3am

Date picked up a sex pro and drove to a parking lot where the Pro then asked for payment upfront.  Date refused to pay in full and only gave Pro half of the money. When Pro attempted to leave the vehicle the Date pulled a knife on her and forced her to give him oral and vaginal sex with the knife at her throat.

DESCRIPTION: Male, Middle Eastern, late 20’s to early 30’s, 5’1”, 180 lbs, brown eyes, short black hair, no facial hair, and wore blue pants, a brown shirt, black jacket, gold necklace and a watch.

VEHICLE DESCRIPTION: Yellow van (looks like a work/company van) with black letters on the side.

LOCATION: King and Jameson sts.


January, 18th

Date asked Pro to go to his place (at Yonge & Eglington) for a date. Once there the date asked if he could pay after the date and Pro agreed. Once the date was over Date took Pro to a PayDay Loan service and asked for a loan. The service refused as the Date owed them $1300.00. Pro left without any pay.

DESCRIPTION: Says his last name is "Babb", male, East Indian, big, 6’1, overweight, in his 50’s, big brown eyes, black closely shaven hair, possible Pakistani accent and had a scar behind his right ear.