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Photo with permission from Carolyn Connolly's family

Saturday August 2, 2008 7:48am

It is with deep regret that we report the murder of our colleague Carolyn Connolly. She was a good and caring person.

In early August police responded to a call about "unknown trouble" at the rear of 191 Sherbourne (apartment building). Police discovered the body of Carolyn Connolly (age 54) in the laneway that runs west from Seaton Street, north of Shuter Street. Carolyn died of multiple stab wounds.

If anyone has ANY information please call:

SPOC (416) 364-5603


Detective Michael Barsky at 416−808−7422, Detective Peter Code at 416−808−7393.


November 22nd, late evening.

Second report

Location: Sherbourne and Shuter streets

Colleague was put in a choke hold in an attempt to cause her to be unconscious. Attacker of the same description as below, fled on a white bicycle. Colleague described him as a light-skinned Black male and stated that he had attacked her once before.

Description of the clothes he was wearing: Dark clothing; pants, jacket maybe, with a hooded sweater. He was wearing the sweater’s hood covering most of his face.

Bike description: mountain bike style. The bar on the bike that goes down on an angle from the seat had a large dark print on it, perhaps the brand of the bike.

- - -


4 pm. November, 5th

Riverdale Park. Near River and Gerrard streets.

While on her way home, colleague was assaulted.   A man followed her 
into the park and grabbed her.  A SPOC member happened to be walking 
her large German Shepherd Dog nearby and went to investigate the 
commotion.  Colleague stayed with SPOC member for a few moments, then 
proceeded home.  At that point, the SPOC member and her dog ran after 
the man.  He quickly got on his bicycle and left the park, all the 
while looking over his shoulder at the approaching dog.  Man was 
almost hit by a car. Dog was called back and is fine.

Description: Early 20's, Black, 6 feet tall, slim, muscular build.   Well groomed.  
Short hair, clean shaven.  Wearing light grey plaid shorts, white 
sweat top and running shoes.  Was riding a white bicycle.

The following seven bad date reports are Courtesy of the Bad Date Coalition




November 6, 2008 at 2:40pm


Since the end of September a Bad Date has assaulted two female sex worker on separate occasions. In both incidents our colleagues met the man on the street, and then were violently sexually assaulted in his vehicle, before being kicked out of the vehicle.


DESCRIPTION: Male, Black, dark skin, tall, who is clean shaven, with shaved hair. He is a cigarette smoker and may go by the name of Dillon. 

VEHICLE DESCRIPTION: Red van with a Rogers Cable logo on the side. The van itself is described as having sliding side doors and a cage separating the rear cargo area from the driver and passenger seats.

LOCATION: Queen St. E. and Kennedy Rd. in Brampton. 


November 1, 2008 at 2:40pm

A woman was sitting at the bus stop on O’Connor Drive, when she was grabbed from behind, around her neck by a man. He pulled the woman behind the bench and sexually assaulted her and took her purse.  The man fled northbound into Taylor Creek Park.


DESCRIPTION: White, male, 30 yrs, 5’9, 180 – 200lbs, short blonde hair, blue eyes, wore a puffy jacket, blue jeans, white baseball hat, and white shoes. 




{Martin Oliver}



August 5, 2008


On July 10th, 2008, Martin OLIVER was arrested and charged in relation to a SexualAssault against one of our colleagues.Since this time, two more have come forward and provided similar information about the same accused.It is alleged that the accused picks up our colleagues' and directs them to participate in various routines prior to engaging in sexual acts.

On August 5, 2008, he was granted bail and released. His bail conditions require him to have 24 hour accompaniment by at least one of his sureties at all times.The police strongly believe there are more victims who have not yet come forward.If you have any information about this male or his activities, please contact the Special Victims Unit at 416.456.7259


DESCRIPTION: Martin Oliver, male, 33 years old, white, 6’0”, stocky build, light brown short hair that is shaved, brown eyes.

VEHICLE DESCRIPTION: Older model BMW Black, 4 door, tinted windows. 



Tuesday September 2nd, 2008


A Bad Date is frequenting the Parkdale neighborhood. He picks up sex workers and forces them to provide him oral sex in front of other people, in a degrading manner. He also grabs the back of their necks and forces their head down.


DESCRIPTION: Male, white, has a Russian or Slavic accent, husky overweight, late 40's to 50 years of age.

VEHICLE DESCRIPTION: family mini-van possibly navy blue

LOCATION: Parkdale  



{Charles Winn}


Charles Winn is known to be violent towards our colleagues and has recently been released from prison. On December 15, 1995 Charles was convicted of Aggravated Sexual Assault on one of our colleagues and was sentenced to 13 years in prison. He has a history of sexual assaults against our colleagues that have involved demanding sex in exchange for drugs.

DESCRIPTION: Charles Winn, male, brown skin, 5’9”, 175lbs, brown eyes, shaved head, missing and crooked teeth, small scar over left upper lip, crooked nose, plays the harmonica and sells string art on the sidewalk. 




Tuesday August, 19, 2008 3:40am


Krishen Ramdhar met up with one of our colleagues on the street. The two of them got into his car and went to a nearby parking lot. Once there, he told her that she was under arrest for solicitation and handcuffed her. She asked to see his badge and he refused. She then called 911. He got agitated and removed her cuffs. After getting out of Krishen's car, our colleague gave the 911 operator the license plate number of the vehicle. He was arrested two days later.

DESCRIPTION: Krishen Ramdhar, male, 21yrs (born 03/11/1986), Guyanese, 6’1”, 165lbs, brown eyes, black hair.

VEHICLE DESCRIPTION: 2002 Chevrolet Cavalier, 4-door, silver stainless steel rims. License Plate number: BDDZ718

LOCATION: Church and Gerrard Street



Mid August 2008 at 5:00am

Our colleague approached a car on Shuter Street across from Moss Park and asked the driver if he wanted a date. The driver said “yes” but, that he had to stop at a T.D. Bank on Queen & Parliament. He then insisted on going to his "special spot" and drove over the Broadview bridge towards an old parking lot near a taxi cab stand in the Regent Park area. Once parked, our colleague got into the back seat and began to feel nervous. She began questioning him about a murder and he said she was getting him paranoid. They then began oral sex until he stopped her and said he had to get something out of the car’s console. When our colleague asked what he was getting, he said a knife and told her that if she does whatever he says she wouldn’t get hurt. When our colleague asked if he planned on killing her, he said no as long as she did what he said. He then looked out the back windows and began searching for something, at which point our colleague was able to get into the front seat, open the door and escape.

DESCRIPTION: Male, Black, 5’7, late 30’s, skinny muscular build, brown eyes, short curly black hair, clean shaven, wore glasses, and was well dressed (preppy)




In a sneaky manner and several times, "Norm" tried to have sex without a condom. Each time our colleague stopped him, he pleaded forgetfulness. Our colleague was unable to stop him until she used physical force and yelled at him.

Our colleague had to be very firm to get him to respect safer sex practices.

Description: Used the name "Norm". Grey hair, salt and pepper mustache, looks 50-60 years old. Accent sounded South African. 5'11"-6'1" tall & 180-190lbs. Flabby stomach. Has tattoo of something with blue wings on one of his arms. Tattoo has a similar style and quality to older military tattoos. Deep puncture scars on his stomach. Talked about having a construction/home building company with a crew of 60. Mentioned he travels a lot for work.
Cell number: 28*-43*-2403

This is the second report that SPOC has received. The first was April 2007.

February 16 2008

Our collegue met the "date" in the area of King and Strachan. She went to a crack house with him at King and Jameson. Once there the man asked her for a “half and half”. After agreeing on a payment of $100 the man pulled out a syringe and injected her with Ketamine, an anaesthetic and painkiller used in veterinary surgery that can cause a person to be temporarily paralyzed. While our collegue was paralyzed she was viciously raped without a condom. He then pulled out an Xacto knife and began cutting the bottom of her feet, playing with her blood, and smearing it on his body. By this time the Ketamine began to wear off and she was able to crawl outside where someone called an ambulance.

DESCRIPTION: Male, 35ish, Mixed Race (accent may be Spanish), between 5'7" and 6"2. Stocky build. Black hair and may have brown eyes. Clean shaven, no piercings or jewellery.

The April 2007 report stated that his hair was done in cornrow plaits and that he had freckles.

This info courtesy of Bad Date Coalition.


Toronto, Incall.

Client booked an appointment. He seemed reasonable on the phone. When colleague opened the door, 2 other men quickly appeared. She wisely refused the appointment. As she closed the door they tried to pepper spray her face.

Description; All 3 are White, in their early 20's, with Eastern European accents.

Call Display numbers showed as; Byrsan Pa**l & Myky**krasylov 647-8**-5772 416-5**-3572