Bad Client List


Toronto, Ontario

December 30, 2009 at around 1:30am

Colleague was picked up by a client at Queen St.E and Pape Ave. Both walked to a nearby gas station where the male stabbed her in the head and sexually assaulted her.

Description: Male white, 40’s, 5’6 with a skinny build, clean shaven with light hair. He was wearing a black jacket and black pants.

If anyone has any information please contact SPOC or the Special Victims Unit: Det. Wendy Leaver 416-456-7259 and Det. Const. Leanne Marchen 416-509-6187

Toronto, Ontario

Knifepoint sexual assault

Sunday November 8 th, 2009 between 1:30 AM and 2:00 AM

LOCATION: Parking Lot near to 805A Wellington St, Toronto

Description of attacker: Male, White, 6’1”, Moustache, Long Shoulder Length Salt & Pepper Wavy Hair

CLOTHING: Dark Coloured Ballcap, Blue Jeans, Blue Jeans Jacket Covered in dust.

VEHICLE: Older Model Dark 4-Door Auto Coffee cups & Garbage on Front Seat

Anyone with any information on the identitiy of the attacker or anyone who has information on this attack or any similar attack is asked to contact the special victims unit of the Toronto Police Service Sex Crimes Unit at 416-456-7259 or SPOC.

Toronto, Ontario

October 27

Our colleague was sexually assaulted and robbed at knifepoint near 
Carlton & Sherbourne streets.

Description of attacker:  White, with grey straggly hair, beard and a mustache, 5' 8 to 5' 9, and in his late 40's.  Wearing blue jeans, a blue jean jacket, grey shirt, and white sneakers.

Vancouver, British Columbia

August, 2009

He booked and came over to our colleague’s location. Was very grabby and had no intention of paying. Threatened our colleague that he will return and said he can easily change his number if word gets around.

Name: Mike

Cell phone: (6*4)-968-360*

Description: Early 50’s, East European accent, approx: 5’8”- 5’9”, stocky build, blond hair almost completely bald, tanned, wearing top and pants made of all jean material.

Books with t-girl providers who are local to Vancouver or visiting.

Scarborough area of Toronto, Ontario

July, 2009

He booked with an escort agency. Colleague went to his address and was told to call him from outside as he said his buzzer didn’t work. Once inside the building with him, by the elevators, he began hitting her and attempted to steal her purse.

He has continued to repeatedly call the agency, trying to book with more of our colleagues.

His name changes with every call: Marcus/Eric/Joseph

Description: Black male. Said he was 26. Appeared to be between 22-26, approx. 5' 11" - 6', young looking face, slim build but not skinny - some muscle tone/shape, dark eyes, short hair, clean cut, no noticeable scars or tattoos, dark blue or black baggy shirt, baggy blue jeans and loose belt, boxers underneath that had different colours on them, soft spoken didn't talk much. Said he worked in a factory, and always lived in Scarborough.

Address: 50 Tuxedo Court, Scarborough.

Some phone numbers he has used:

Last number he called from: 416-4**-2275 {Career centre}

416-7**-6130 – {Internet Cafe}

416-7**-3481 {cell}

Mississauga, Ontario

On June 21, 2009, at approximately 3:30 a.m., our colleague was inside a room in a hotel in the northwest area of Mississauga. A short time after inviting a "client" into her room, he pulled our colleague to the floor and choked her until she lost consciousness. She awoke approximately one hour later. She had been sexually assaulted and her money and bank card had been stolen.

Description: Black male, 27 to 35 years-old, clean shaven and with a slim build. He was wearing a black T-shirt, a plain black hooded sweatshirt, with the hood up, and baggy jeans.

(Info from Peel Police website)

Toronto, Ontario

Early June 2009

Initially contacted colleague via cell phone text message, asking if she provides uncovered oral and another service. She told him she does not, and he was still interested in booking with her. When he arrived and disrobed, our colleague inquired about the sores on his genitals; to which he responded he had genital Herpes. She then asked him to leave, which he did, but did not pay the cancellation fee.

Name used: Mark

Description: Olive complexion, average build, short brown hair. Mid 30's.

Cell phone used: (9*5)-92*-9537 (uses text msgs to book)




Toronto, Ontario

Early April 2009

Location: Grand Hotel.

Client had three friends enter the room with camara phones & proceeded to take photos of our colleague. After the photos were taken without her consent, the client tried to get the fee back.

Name: Gary

Cell phone: (7*5)-8*1-5719

Toronto, Ontario

Late March

Called repeatedly over the course of two and a half hours to make a simple appointment. Arrived wearing a shirt with large print that stated “Security”. Asked if there was visitor parking since he claimed he was parked in the security parking spot. Colleague then spotted him getting into a vehicle. He did not return. Since then, he has harassingly called her.

Name used: Khan

Cell number he called from: 416-31*-30*9

Description: East Indian, early 50’s, approx 200lbs, quite tall approx 6’4, clean shaven, no glasses, salt & pepper hair, had a “sleepy look”.

Was wearing: shirt with larger print “Security” & navy blue work pants. Appeared to be a uniform.

Vehicle: older model silver coloured car.