Bad Client List


May, 2011

No answer at room numbers client gave. Colleage called the rooms, no answer. Client then began e-mailing our colleague derogatory, degrading and hateful e-mails.

Name used: Ben Franklin

Email used: silver_streak****

Believe to be the same person as above: Name used: RB Email porsche**

Made two fake bookings on opposite ends of the city. Then sent same e-mail as above to our colleague.

May, 2011

Client was charming through-out the session. He said he had forgotten half the
money in his truck. He then changed his story and told our colleague he was heading to the bank because he
must have forgot money at home. He never returned.

Description: 34 years old, 5'7, chubby guy, young face with a little chin hair. He says it's his first time seeing a sex worker. Works as a carpenter.

Phone number used: 9*5.531.**27

Email used:

Name used on e-mail account: Tucker (named after his pug dog)

Toronto, February, 2011

Aggravated Sexual Assault {Multiple Offenses}

Booked by phone. Acted very friendly when he arrived.

He went to take a shower, at which point our colleague texted her safety-support. Assault began AFTER the shower, which suggests he knows how our safety routines work.

Uses the names: "Brad" and "Mike"

Phone number used: 416.39*.26*4

He is on the Bad Client List of several Toronto agencies for prior offenses, and his phone number appears on a number of anonymous reports filed with police departments.

Appears to target part-time independent workers posting on Backpage.