Bad Client List


Fall of last year

Outcall - Burlington, Ontario

A client convinced our colleague to do an out all to come see him. They agreed on a fee of 500 plus the cost of the taxi there and back because of the distance she had to travel.

The trip was twice as far as he had said, and when our colleague arrived at the location, the address didn't even exist. Our colleague was left in the middle of the night in the rain.

She managed to get to a gas station, where the attendant called her a cab. At first, the cab driver wasn't going to drive her because she did not have a lot of cash left on me, but she explained to him that she was an escort and explained what had just happened. He told our colleague that he had driven another escort home from the same Esso and she had a very similar story.

Phone number used: 416.5*1.*881