Bad Client List


October - Mississauga


Made an appointment to come within 45 minutes.

When he came in he seemed nervous. He told our colleague he had never seen an escort before. He then asked how much and haggled over the price. He then said he would need to use an atm. As he was leaving, he opened the hotel room door and there were 3 other males standing there. They entered, held our colleague down and she began kicking and screaming. The others went through all her belongings, stealing all of her money, a name brand bag and a laptop.

Number used for text: 64*-49*-9881

Description: The first guy who entered possing as a client was very young, black male, wearing all black clothing, zip up sweater, with white lines from the shoulders to the wrists. He was also wearing a grey pair of what appeared to be Jordan's. He was skinny and tall, 6'. The others where also young, black males about 18 to 24. They also wore all black, hoods up and all about 6' tall.

September - Mississauga


He showed up very drunk, tried to smoke in our colleague’s hotel room, and would not listen to her at all. He kept trying to get our colleague into the bathroom. Finally his time was up and he refused to leave and argued with her for extra time and to stay longer. He continued to argue with her for 15 or 20 minutes until finally he left and would not pay for the extra time. He continued to harass her by text to come back and see her.
Number he used: 6*7.889.*854
Description: 35 to 39 year old Indian man. Short hair, average build about 5’4.